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OGC Opening Dinner   4/1/19 4/4/19
OGC Opening Dinner - Pay for Guest   4/1/19 4/4/19
OGC Cup   5/6/19 5/8/19
Open Match Play   5/6/19 5/8/19
Scratch Match Play   5/6/19 5/8/19
Seniors Match Play   5/6/19 5/8/19
Super Seniors Match Play   5/6/19 5/8/19

Welcome to the 2019 Season

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Remember for 2019 the OGC is no longer able to renew your handicap through the CDGA.
To renew or sign up for your USGA Handicap directly click here

Opening Dinner is April 4th

It's time to kickoff the season with our annual Opening Dinner. 
Open bar starts at 6:00pm 

New USGA Rules for 2019

There are many rules changes for 2019 that have been introduced to help speed up play and improve the game.

For a more humorous approach to understanding the rules changes click on the photos below to watch videos from The Pro Show with Jason Alexander 

Part One - Dropping your ball, double hits, putting rules


Part Two - Ball in Motion, Accidentally moving a ball, use of objects to show your line, definition of a penalty area, playing from a penalty are


Part Three - Taking relief from an embeded ball, definition of a club length, time limit for searching for a ball, relief from a bunker, touching the sand with your club




Ex-POTOGC Terchek is still Tweeting during the winter

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Course Conditions

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Check Out The 2018 Closing Dinner Video and other OGC Videos click here