OGC Amazing Aces Club

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2023 Bill Lemieux, Robert Bobesink
2022 Sean Doyle, Jay Welter
2021 Kenny Sutchar, Pat McCann
2020 No Winner
2019 No Winner
2018 Greg Goss, Fred Watson
2017 Ron Potocnik 
2016 Phil Couri, Jay Welter, Allan Klenetsky
2015 Tim Grodrian, Steve Ganek, Dominick Gatto
2014 Don Leviton, Bob Bradish, Phil Crittenden, George Hinchcliff
2013 Brian Coffman, Fred Watson, Shawn Heffernan
2012 Bill Biderbost, Joe Bediz, Jim Burns, Joel Dysart, Rory Monaghan
2011 Ken Kozak, Don Leviton, Wally Klein, Ken Sutchar
2010 Mike Harrington, Rory Monaghan, Bill Kirby, Buzz McKibben
2009 Joe Majers, Tom Cooper, Lou Glunz, Ken Kozak, Rory Monaghan, Terry Porter
2008 Roger Farrell, Dick Felsenthal
2007 Bob Westover

Hole-in-One Fund
Eligibility requires that you be a member in good standing of the Ouilmette Golf Club and also requires payment of $10.00 dues to the Hole-In-One Fund. The following requirements must be met to qualify for a share in the Hole-In-One Fund.

  1. "Ace" is made on the Wilmette Golf Course during the regular golf season. The season is the CDGA season.
  2. "Ace" must be attested by at least one current member of the Ouilmette Golf Club. Attesting member must be playing in the same group with the qualifier.
  3. "Ace" must be scored during play of a complete 18-hole round with the following exception:
  4. If made while playing in the OGC sanctioned Twilight League or Match Play even if the 18 holes are not completed.
  5. USGA rules in effect during round of play.
  6. A hole-in-one made by a member in good standing of the OGC and a participant of the Hole-In-One Fund will also be considered valid under the following conditions:
    • If the player is playing one ball. A hole-in-one made in a practice round when a member is playing more than one ball is not acceptable.
    • If made at a hole with a temporary tee or temporary green in use.
    • If made in a 'scramble' competition played as follows: A side comprises from two-five players. Each member of a side plays from a teeing ground and the best drive is selected, each member of the side plays a second shot, and so on.
  7. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the player scoring the "Ace" to:
    • Notify the Club Pro of the Hole-In-One.
    • Submit signed, dated and attested score card to the Club Pro on the day the Hole-In-One was scored.
    • Submit a copy of the scorecard to the OGC Vice President -- Ron Thurber at ron.thurber@carnowpensions.com
      • Name of Player
      • Date of Hole-In-One
      • Hole Number
      • Attester
      • Statement of Notification to Club Pro