OGC Match Play “Rules of Play”

To participate in Match Play, you must be a member in good standing of the Ouilmette Golf Club and have a current USGA handicap. Please do not enter if you won’t be able to complete matches on time. Match deadlines will be strictly enforced. Players will be disqualified if they can’t complete matches by the deadlines stipulated on the website. 

Please note the new rules, highlighted in red, beginning in 2014.

If your match ends before the 18th hole you can only take the maximum allowable strokes determined by your handicap for the remaining holes. Example, you're an 18 handicap and your match ends on the 15th hole. The most you can take on the remaining three holes is bogey (4, 6, 5). If you decide to play those holes and shoot better than bogeys, then it's up to you what score you want to post. 

There are four single match play divisions for OGC members with USGA handicaps:

  1. Scratch-open to all members. Single elimination. Black tees. 
  2. Open-open to all members. Single elimination. Gold tees. 
  3. Senior-open to all members age 55+ by March 15. Single elimination. Gold tees. 
  4. Super Sr.-open to all members age 70+ by March 15. Single elimination. Green tees. 

Applications, Fees and Awards
Players may enter any or all divisions they qualify for. Scratch and Super Sr. divisions are limited to the first 16 paid entries. Open and Senior divisions are limited to the first 32 paid entries. Fees are $40 for each division entered. Each division champion will receive a trophy, gift certificate and their name in the Club House Hallway of Fame. Each runner up will receive a gift certificate.

Scheduling Matches and Posting Results
Players will arrange their own matches which must be completed by the deadlines on the website. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Brackets will be posted online for players to enter their results. Winners must enter their result online immediately after match completion. Both players will receive email notification of their next match with the deadline for completion and should immediately schedule that match. To help schedule matches, email addresses and phone numbers of all OGC members are listed online in the club directory. 

Contact our chairman with any questions.
Ian Halpin

OGC Cup Partners Match Play “Rules of Play”
  1. Format-better ball of 2 partners, limited to first 16 online registered partners.
  2. Open to all members with USGA handicap. Single elimination. Gold tees.
  3. Cost-$80 per team
  4. Seeding by blind draw.
  5. Deadlines for applications  and match completion are the same as those listed above for singles match play

Handicaps Used

  1. 80% of most recent CDGA index adjusted to course handicap per USGA guidelines
  2. Maximum index differential between partners is 8.0 (CDGA limits to 4.4)
  3. If partners’ index differential exceeds 8.0, the higher index will be reduced to meet the 8.0 maximum
  4. Strokes are given off the low individual in the group who plays from scratch
  5. If needed, email co-chairs below 24 hours before match who will provide handicaps

Rules of Play
USGA rules of golf are in force at all times. If there’s a dispute in your match about the interpretation of a rule, play a second ball, note both scores and consult a pro as soon as possible. All scratch matches are played without handicaps. Open, Senior, Super Senior matches are played at current handicap on the day of each match.

In all OGC match play events, the Competition Committee has determined that no practice shall be allowed in advance of a match pursuant to USGA rule 7-1 (permissive language Section 33-1)

Any match should only be stopped if the horn sounds. A shot taken after the horn sounds may be rescinded by the opposing player or team. Only the hole being played when the horn sounds may be completed if mutually agreed by all competitors. Matches stopped should be resumed on the same day over the same course configuration as soon as possible from the place the match was suspended. If match resumption must be postponed to a later date on a different course configuration, the match should resume from the subsequent tee following the last completed hole which resulted in a win, loss or halve of that completed hole. In case of darkness, players will mutually decide a stopping point.