Twilight League   Thu 5/4 - Thu 9/21

Description: Teams compete in individual / team match play.....................Updated 4/24/23
Award: Cash prizes awarded to 1st thru 8th place playoff finishers
Chairman: Kelley Kruger

Individual / Team Match Play

  • The field will consist of 28 teams (divided into two - 14 team divisions), who will play 16 weeks of match play on Thursdays. There will be one day of Play-In Matches after the regular season to determine the last 2 playoff teams.  Then, there will be 4 weeks of playoff matches.  These playoff matches will determine 1st thru 8th place.
  • There is no Twilight League on July 13th due to The OGC Classic.
  • Entry fee will be $425 per team. There is no fee to be listed as a Twilight League substitute.
  • There will be a mid-season BBQ for Twilight League Teams #1 - #28 on 7/27/23, after the 4:15PM Back 9 SHOTGUN start Twilight matches.  Please invite the entire team to come enjoy the BBQ.
  • If the golf course is open, Twilight League matches will be played.

Twilight League Rules

  1. A Twilight League player must be a current member of the OGC in good standing and have a current USGA handicap. All current members of the OGC are eligible to be a substitute. The substitute list within the Twilight League Member List should be utilized when your team needs a substitute player, as these members have expressed an interest in participating.
  2. League matches are played according to USGA, Wilmette Golf Club, and OGC rules from the Gold Tees. Handicaps will be adjusted according to guidelines of the USGA Handicap System.
  3. Twilight League competition is individual match play where one player competes against another player. Members of the same team are not partners in Twilight League matches. During a match, no one can provide any counsel or suggestion that could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of club or the method of making a stroke, this includes reading putts. Giving or asking for advice will result in the loss of the hole.
  4. Spectators will be allowed to follow Twilight League matches. Please refrain from disrupting play or providing assistance to your teammates or it may result in the loss of the hole for your team. In this case, the spectator will no longer be allowed to follow the match on the golf course and should return to the clubhouse.
  5. No caddies are allowed in the Twilight League, unless there is a pre-approved medical reason.  Please see the Twilight League committee for further information and/or approval.  The Twilight League committee members are Kelley Kruger, Tim Boudos, Tony Maruska, Ron Thurber & Chris Delaney.
  6. All putts must be holed out unless the hole or a stroke is conceded.
  7. Each individual match will compete for 20 points: 2 points are awarded for winning a hole or 1 point for tying a hole.  An additional 2 points are awarded for winning the match or 1 point to each player if the match ends in a tie.
  8. Per USGA guidance, Twilight League handicaps will be calculated by utilizing 80% of a player's index.  Odd number match handicap differences will be rounded up to a whole number. The low handicap players from each team are opponents as are the respective higher handicap players. Handicap strokes are applied where appropriate and points are awarded on all scores net of handicap.
  9. It is each team’s responsibility to provide two players for every match. If one or both players from a team do not show up for a match and do not provide substitute player(s), the team will be penalized -5 points per man. The opposing team or player begins at +6 points and will play against the card starting on Hole 1 through Hole 9. The player(s) will be able to win a maximum of 20 points. Any points over 20 will not be awarded. There will be no extra points awarded for a win. When playing the card, a net birdie or better is worth 2 points, a net par is worth 1 point, and a net bogey or worse is worth 0 points.
  10. If an opponent arrives after his match has already started, he may join the match up to the start of the fourth hole. He will have lost all the holes for which he was not present and the points will be awarded to his opponent. Once the group completes teeing off on the fourth hole, the late player may join the group but will not have any status in the match. He will be penalized -5 points. His opponent shall continue playing against the card.
  11. Pace of Play - You are expected to complete your weekly match in two hours and ten minutes, and finish the match within ten minutes of the group preceding yours. Failure to do so can result in a -5 point penalty for both teams in the match.
  12. It is the responsibility of every player to check their Twilight League scorecard for accuracy once nine holes are completed. The GROSS score of EVERY hole should be entered, including those holes that were conceded or when maximum scores were attained.  All scores and points are final once the scorecard has been turned in to a Twilight League committee member or Pro Shop personnel at the end of the round. Failure to turn in a completed scorecard will result in a warning to the team.  Additional infractions may result in a -5 point penalty.
  13. It is the responsibility of every player to post his nine hole score at the end of the round on the CDGA handicap system in the Pro Shop or online via the CDGA website at  The OGC Handicap Committee will be reviewing for compliance.
  14. Regular season points, Play-In qualification points & coin flip call tiebreakers will be determined by:
    1. Winner of the regular season match
    2. Most points won within their division
    3. Most points won against the other division
  15. The top 5 teams from each division qualify for the playoffs.
  16. The 6th place teams from each division, along with the next 2 teams with the highest point totals, will qualify for the Play-In matches to be held the Tuesday prior to the start of the playoffs.
  17. The 2 winning teams from the Play-In matches will become the 6th place playoff teams.  A coin flip will determine which division these two teams will compete in if they are both from the same division.  
  18. Play-In and Playoff matches ending in a tie will be determined by playing extra holes. Play resumes on hole #1 and continues sequentially until a winner is determined.