Mount Prospect Match   

Description: Ryder Cup style matches against members of the Mount Prospect Men's Club. To be held this year at Mt. Prospect. Cost of entry to be determined
Entry Fee: $30
Chairman: Bob Westover

Started in 2009, the Ouilmette Men's Club participates in a 1-day match against the Mt Prospect Golf Course Men's Club.  The format is singles matches, with 1 point awarded each for the Back 9 and Front 9, as well as an additional point for the entire 18 holes.  The OGC is represented by 17 members, and Jamie Locke plays a match against their designated professional.  The competition is very friendly and includes Jamie's caddy from "South Africa days" as a member of the Mt Prospect squad.  

Past results:

2017 (@ Wilmette) OGC 33.5 - MPGC 20.5

2016 (@Mt. Prospect) MPGC 33 - OGC 15

2015 (@ Wilmette) - OGC 31 - MPGC 23
2014 (@ Mt Prospect) - OGC 28.5 - MPGC 25.5
2013 (@ Wilmette) -  OGC 24.5 - MPGC 23.5
2012 (@ Mt Prospect) -  MPGC 29.5 - OGC 18.5
2011 (@ Wilmette) -  OGC 29.5 - MPGC 18.5
2010 (@ Mt Prospect) - MPGC 32, OGC 16
2009 (@ Wilmette) - MPGC 25, OGC 23

Cost will be TBD
Please understand that demand will always exceed roster spots for these events.  The Committee will choose 17 players from those signed up on the website for this event based on our knowledge of your game, including your past successes in match play events.  There are 2 larger field Inter-Club events later in the year that will provide a larger opportunity for us to include everyone that expresses interest.

Sign-ups will be on the website, or send Bob Westover an e-mail at

Event Chairman: Bob Westover